Since 1987

Since 1987!

Specialists in die making and die casting of non ferreous materials: Aluminium, Zamak, Brass. More than 25 years of experience support it.

In 1987, D. FELICIANO ARIAS, initiates his activity in die making and 3 years later, with the first die casting machine of 60-Tm die casting activity begins.

Since then thanks to the spirit of work of D. FELICIANO ARIAS and under his maxim: " to grow it is never necessary to stop investing ", FUYMA possesses at present die casting machines from 60 to 1600 Tm, what means pieces of up to 15 Kg, which we distribute worldwide for the sectors of Automotion, agricultural Machinery, industrial Components, technical lighting, fire extintion …

And with the most absolute quality as the milestone obtained in 2012 demonstrates of being in the "HALL OF FAME" of John Deere after being 5 consecutive years supplier "Partner" thanks to the quality, technical support, reliability in deliveries and competitive cost of our pieces.